I started tattooing in Poland in 1993 after a coincidental visit to an artist in Sweden while still an arts student. The minute I stepped into his studio I knew I was dealing with something extraordinary. I was hooked!

In 1998 I opened my first tattoo shop 'Perun' in the city of Gdansk and I got my Master of Fine Arts in classical painting and conceptual art.

I continued to develop these two disciplines, running my tattoo shop and exhibiting and performing in galleries throughout Europe.

In 2003 I decided to explore my other big passion -music. I closed my shop and moved to Berlin which was the most buzzing place in Europe at the time.

While still tattooing I got involved in a few punk bands ( The Nothings, The Assassinations) and developed my solo project 'Tony Clash'. Being a part of Berlin's music scene meant most of my customers were touring bands and rockstars from all over the world.

W T Norbert